• Licorice Loose Leaf 150g

Licorice Loose Leaf 150g

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A sweet blend of licorice root, aniseed, lemon balm & Organic rooibos.

There is an impressive list of health & wellbeing uses for this delicious herb Licorice root.

They range from:

Chronic Fatigue, asthma, depression, liver problems, sore throats, arthritis, tooth decay, headaches, lowers cholesterol & constipation... just to name a few ! It is also 50 times sweeter than sugar which makes it a healthy alternative to curb that sweet tooth!

We also use lemon balm which also has an impressive list of health benefits. It is used to treat anxiety & insomnia, cold sores, fever, flatulence, headaches & muscle & menstrual cramps.

Rooibos is caffeine free & contains vitamins like: zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium & vitamin c

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