• Organic Green Sencha Loose Leaf 200g

Organic Green Sencha Loose Leaf 200g

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Good for the soul, mind & body

This popular high quality green tea is mild, delicate & has an almost ‘grassy’ flavour to it.

The initial short steaming process prevents the oxidization of the leaves, the leaves are then rolled, shaped & dried into their traditional long thing, straw like shape.

After the drying process the leaves are pan fried to protect & add flavour to the leaf.

The initial steaming step imparts a difference in the flavour between Chinese (smokey, nutty flavours) and Japanese green tea (light, grassy, mild flavours)

The best ways to serve it is a quick 30 second to 1 minute brew & add a slice or squeeze of lemon. Green Sencha should brew bright yellow in colour 

Start enjoying all the health benefits today


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