Black Vanilla Loose Leaf 200g

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Black Vanilla

A dreamy, creamy, vanilla-ery sensation.

Get brewing a delicious creamy vanilla delight. Our Black Vanilla tease will blow your mind & deliver happiness to your senses. Stick your nose right in the bag & take a deep breath. Some say it’s the best they’ve ever had!

Unlike some supermarket brands, our blends are made with passion, using the highest quality ingredients, blending in small batches so you always get the best tasting tease.

How does it taste?

Delicious full bodied black tea with an intense Vanilla flavour

What’s in it?

Orange Pekoe black tea, vanilla flavour

Why we love it

·         A tea you can drink anytime of the day

·         Perfect for those afternoon sweet cravings

·         Satisfying



·         Pyramid Tea Bags – 20pc, 100pc, 30pc tin

·         Loose Leaf – 100g, 200g, 500g, lil 100g tin, big 200g tin

How we sip it

I drink mine black, no sugar just as its intended. Phil likes his strong & milky

Brew guide

·         Pyramids – 1 pyramid per cup brewed for 30 seconds – 2mins

·         Loose leaf – 1 tsp per person brewed for 30 seconds – 2 mins depending on the strength desired.

·         A longer brewing time will develop a richer flavour

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