• Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf 100g tin

Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf 100g tin

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Nothing to do with Oranges!

If you’re new to the world of tea, then you may not be familiar with the term Orange Pekoe. In brief the term ‘Pekoepronounced   pea-koh   means the type of grading the leaves have. Pekoe leaves are the fine grade of tea which includes the young leaves & buds.

The word Orange is believed to have come from a Dutch East Indian company that tried to associate the tea leaves with the House of Orange, a most respected aristocratic family in the days of the Dutch Republic.         

Any-who, the tea tastes delicious & is a great base to many of our blends as its large leaf holds onto flavours & can be brewed for a longer steep time.

Unlike some supermarket brands, our blends are made with passion, using the highest quality ingredients, blending in small batches so you always get the best tasting tease.

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