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How to clean your tea pot

How to clean your tea pot

After looking at my everyday pot & realizing it needs a good clean, I wondered, how many people search the internet for tips on how to clean their tea pot? Turns out a lot, over 4 million searches wanting to know how to clean a tea pot!

I found many different ways... bleaching (eek!) denture tablets, lemon juice, boiling water, not cleaning at all...some believe that the tannin's build up over time & this gives you the best tasting cup of tea, I think using a good quality tea gives you the besst tasting tea, not the grungey tea pot!

It depends on the type of tea pot you have. Mine is ceramic (a very sturdy Zero Japan) so it can take a big of scrubbing & soaking.

Clay pots & cast iron pots are to be rinsed & air dried. Glass, stainless steel, stoneware, bone china & silver (seriously, who uses silver!) should be washed in warm soapy water & left to air dry or dried with a soft cloth.

As mine is white ceramic & was very stained. I used 4 tbs of Bi carb soda & half a cup of vinegar, let it all fizz up & soaked it for half an hour. I had to scrub a little bit & made a bi carb paste to get the stubborn stains off but it came up like new. Rinsed it out with some warm soapy water & there you go, good as new. If your pot has an infuser basket like mine you can leave that in while soaking in the solution then just give it a scrub then rinse as normal.

So there you have it, an easy no fuss way to keep your pot sparkling.

4tbs Bi carb soda & 1/2 cup of vinegar, soak for 30 mins or longer if really stained & give it a good scrub & rinse with warm soapy water.