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How to stop binge eating after dinner.

How to stop binge eating after dinner.

I struggle with this daily! I eat clean all day then after dinner something triggers my brain into thinking it needs more of whatever sweet treats I have in the house.

I am then into everything in sight.. chocolate, cookies, icecream whatever...

So over the last few weeks I've been trying different teas after dinner to try & curb this from happening.

Here are my results:

I found that drinking black tea sometimes led to wanting tim tams.... because you cant have a cup of English Breakfast tea without dunking a bickie! Plus it the extra caffieene keeps me awake.

Peppermint tea helps a lot, its like having that 'just brushed your teeth' feeling & makes my cravings less. 

The winner tho is Licorice tea. Licorice root is up to 60 times sweeter than sugar so I am pleasing my brain by giving it that sugar hit its cravings but looking after my wasit line by not consuming ALL those extra calories.