About Us

We would like to welcome you to tease tea. On average we consume about 6 ish cups of tease a day X 2    (which is 2190 each per year!!)  If you have a few minutes spare grab a cuppa & read our story so far…

When we started running tease we wanted to own a business that could be a local and national business, which has the ability to import and in the future export and support our family.

We wanted to offer great quality tea blends that we blended and packaged here in Australia. We have been fortunate to be able to source our black teas from Sri Lanka and green teas from china, our herbs come from Africa. We also love our labelling and think that it is important to use local manufactures. So at the beginning we decided, to only use Australian manufactures for all our labelling, tins and foil bags.

Initially, we only sold loose leaf. We listened to our customers & heard their feedback of wanting us to also supply Pyramid tea bags. We were tempted to buy in tea bags from Sri Lanka, however we really wanted to stay true to our customers, ourselves & our brand, deciding to buy our own Pyramid tea bag machine so that we could supply the loose leaf and the pyramid tea bags and it would be the same quality tea that we are known for.  We could also then offer all our teas in either loose or tea bag form (except our love blend due to how light it is). Manufacturing our own tea bags is very important to us. We can truly claim they are made in Australia, like our packaging. We have yet to find an Australian supplier of the bio degradable material we use for the tea bags. We source this from Japan… So if you know of any, send them our way !

When our machine arrived we were told to just plug it in & that it would work straight away after set up… It did work, for about 30mins, it then blew up one of the sonic boxes that seal and cuts the bags. The manufactures sent out a new sonic box straight away & it worked for about 5 minutes and then blew up!...   20 new grey hairs appeared.

We found that a sonic cutter was touching a clamp and were able to adjust this (only taking 3 weeks to find!). Thinking this was our problem solved, promptly had another sonic box sent out. Bad news… even though the sonic boxes were no longer blowing up, the horizontal cutter refused to cut properly.    40 new grey hairs. Over the coming months countless hours were spent on Skype & email to the manufactures, no answers were found. Explaining our frustration to our families we were pointed in the direction of a family friend who was an engineer. He offered to come & look the machine over, after six hours of adjusting this and that, he confessed that he hadn’t fixed the problem but said he believed it had something to do with the clamping of the material. So just before he left he ask if we could go over the machine together and through this process found a bolt that looked like it needed to be adjusted on the clamp, he left telling us to adjust the bolt and let him know how we went. Well we didn’t have the right sized spanner of course, so we went out and brought one the next day. We were pretty anxious to say the least, if this didn’t fix it we didn’t know, what would. What waste of time and money. So we did the bolt up and held our breath. IT BLOODY WORKED YOU LITTLE RIPPER!!, almost couldn’t believe our eyes. Four months to solve one bolt.

It now works. It still frustrates us with product getting stuck and the former not adjusting right. But on the whole it works, it gives us great pleasure to say we manufacture our own tea bags.

We are helped out by our extended family and friends and couldn't function without them.

Yes we drink our whole range and have favourites from time to time.

We do blend and flavour our own teas.

Probably the blend with the most love, sweat and tears (sweat & tears not included in the end result though!) would be our Chai.    The results are worth it.

A little bit about us, we spent a few years travelling Australia seeing the sights on a working holiday. We’ve cleaned toilets, picked grapes, answered phones, emptied bins, managed caravan parks & had heaps of fun living on beer & sausages!     We now have 2 very active boys who we love dearly. AND they don’t drink tea (yet)…

For us tea is all about taste, taste, taste…So when looking for tea, taste is what it is all about.

And so our story continues, we hope you’ll be a part of it.



Phil & Katie