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6 quick tips about tea

6 quick tips about tea

6 things you need to know about tea. 


1. Quality over quantity

By choosing to pay a little more for good quality whole leaf tea wll make you a much better cup of tea. Most Supermarket tea bags are made up of ‘dust’ (some say from the floor after the whole leaf has been cut & sorted, I’d like to think that its not swept up off the floor but rather what’s left on the table!) this is why they are cheaper. They generally don’t have the full flavour you get from the whole leaf & most are flavoured with artificial flavourings.

2. Green tea contains caffeine

Yes Green tea does contain caffeine, around 12-75mg in fact, depending on the type of green tea. The leaves are harvested then dried or steamed to prevent the fermentation process like in Black tea. Black tea contains around 55mg of caffeine.


3. Decaf tea – really?

We don’t use decaf tea but there is a trick you can use to ‘wash’ up to half the caffeine out of your tea.

Simply make your pot of tea as normal then tip out the first brew, this will reduce the caffeine by half then just top up your pot & enjoy!


4. Some like it hot

But some don’t! The young tender leaves that are picked for Green tea hate the hot water, it scolds & burns the leaves leaving them with a bitter taste.

They prefer around 70°. Most other leaves are best brewed with boiling water.

5. Drink herbal tea after meals

A great way to end a meal is with a cup of herbal tea, it will help you digest the food & ease bloating after a heavy or greasy meal.

Best not to drink black tea as it can stop your body absorbing the nutrients from your meal.

Green or herbal are best.


6. Add spice to your cooking

You can use tea to add flavour to almost anything. You can smoke fish or chicken, use tea in your poaching liquid, even in baking.

Here is my Chai spiced cup cake recipe that’s delicious