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5 ways to store your tea leaves to maintain freshness

Even though your tea leaves look gorgeous in a glass jar & its easy for you to see whats in there, it is not the best way to keep your leaves fresh & full of flavour.

1. My number one favourite way of storing my tea is in a tin, a stainless steel tin. They are not completely air tight but the tin doesn't taint the tea or suck any flavour out of it. Store the tin in a dark cupboard away from any heat.

2. Dark coloured glass container. Yes now I know I said glass isn't the best but if you use a dark coloured jar then the UV has harder time trying to ruin your tea. Glass is good as it won’t absorb any flavouring in your tea, make sure the lid closes well & store in a dark part of your cupboard out of sunlight & heat.

3.If you don’t have a stainless steel tin or a dark coloured jar, A zip lock bag will do (until you get one of the above!) most tea blends these days come in some form of a resealable bag. If not then a trusty old zip lock sandwich bag will do the trick. Try & get a good hardy bag though, as a light flimsy plastic bag will let the flavour leak out. Again store the bag in a dark cupboard away from heat.

4. Please do not store your tea blends in the fridge! The condensation will ruin the tea & you’ll end up with a big soggy mess. Some Organic blends have been known to harbour little pests – as there are no chemical sprays used to control these pests, they can lie dormant until the temperature is right (usually humid weather will wake them up) & the tea may ‘break out’.  They are harmless, but yes I know ‘yuck’!

5. Clear glass jars are also a ‘No No’ for storing tea. It allows the sunlight in (UV) & makes the tea stale & flavourless. Even though your blends look great in glass jars, the tea itself won’t be, so store it right so you can enjoy it longer.